Health Benefits of Deer Antler Spray

Deer antler spray is one of the top rated natural supplements to improve athletic performance. It is made from male velvet antlers which covers the bone and cartilage before calcification. Since long ago, Chinese used deer antler as a kind of medicine to treat diseases and improve body health. Nowadays, the effect of deer antler has been found contributing to increasing energy or stamina and aid in healing.

What Does Deer Antler Spray Do?

Many sports athletes that comes from professional leagues have consumed deer antler spray. According to them, this helps them in recovering faster from fatigue and post-training period. They are able to build muscle more effectively and even heal quickly from any injury. Some experts also agree that the spray is safer than steroids, although both of the products consist of hormones.

Deer antler velvet spray contains growth hormone IGF-1 which is able to stimulate our body cells to develop faster. It can produce naturally by our body. However, as we grow old, our body gradually decrease the production rate of the hormone. Hence, by taking additional IGF-1, we could replenish our body with this hormone for its benefits.

According to LA Times report, hundreds of professional players have taken the spray before. And close to 10 to 20% players affirmed that they consumed this extract when interviewed by

Benefits of Deer Extract Spray

Not only deer velvet attribute to enhanced sports performance, it also brings numerous benefits to our health. Here are some of the health benefits you could expect:

  • Heal cartilage and joint. The amino acids, like glucosamine and chondroitin, which are responsible for cartilage production can be found in antler velvet. Furthermore, it also contains collagen that could act as anti-inflammatory agent for pain relief and better recovery.
  • Improved immune system. Our overall immune system can be improved by simply consuming this natural supplement.
  • Skin care. As IGF-1 is able to stimulate the production of cartilage, your skin can be benefited with better elasticity. Cell would regrow faster and cause the anti-aging effect.
  • Enhanced sexual performance. Sexual function in men and women could be increased. Ancient people also used deer antler to treat sexual dysfunction.
  • Cardiovascular health. Nutrients like potassium and selenium in deer antler could lower blood pressure and cholesterol level of our body.
  • Fight disease. IGF-1 hormone has been proved effective for children who suffer from stunted growth.


Being a natural product, there is almost no side effects except mild stomach disorder for some sensitive people. There have been no reports of any severe consequences that are related to the velvet extract.

There is a useful resource for you to read on real users’ review for deer antler spray so that you could decide whether to take the spray or not.

However, it is always recommended to consult a professional medical practitioner before taking any supplement on a routine basis.

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How to Use Subconscious Mind

You probably have heard of a book called “Think and Grow Rich“. It is a book that shares how to get rich with our thought. However, this thought is often known as subconscious mind.

think and grow rich

The mind can be segregated into 2 distinct regions, known as conscious and subconscious mind. The full power of subconscious mind is still under discovering stage to human, yet it is proven to be underutilized by most of us. By learning how to control it, you can gain substantial benefits such as the change of your habitual thoughts and beliefs, gain wild creativity and intuition etc. You can even rewire your brain so you can get rich by using your subconscious mind.

Here are some techniques on how you can use to control your subconscious mind:

1.) Our mind is in subconscious state just before we sleep and just after we wake up. During this period, you can transplant any command into our brain. The command you give will be imprinted deeply into your subconscious mind. The best way to feed these instructions to your brain is through listening. You can play mind programming tracks if you have such tracks. Otherwise, you can record a speech to yourself with your own sound. Constantly listen to what you have to say about yourself would keep reminding you of your goal and resolution.

2.) Our brain is a visual animal. You need to repeatedly picture yourself being successful on your achievement, imagine the feeling as if you have already accomplish what you plan for your life. Make the image stays longer to make yourself even more motivated. The picture will manifest itself into reality.

However, take note that do not think in a negative way. For instance, do not tell yourself to lose weight, subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative thought. Instead, picture yourself admiring your good body shape in front of a mirror. It is more likely to happen that way.

3.) You can control your subconscious mind via meditation. Meditation is a method to ease your mind, so you can communicate with your subconscious mind. When you are meditating, you could even hear what your inner mind wants to tell you. It can empty your mind while making your whole body relax.

Often during meditation, you will get the answer to things that bother you. Out of the sudden, you get the solution just like a spark of light. In fact, it is your subconscious mind answering you. Some successful business men mediate everyday so it can bring inspiration and creativity to them.

4.) The less known by people but scientifically proven method to reprogram our subconscious mind is through hypnosis. Unfortunately, we need a trained practitioner to guide us along the process. Hypnosis can effectively bypass our conscious mind and directly reprogram our subconscious mind.

This is often fast and effective way to quickly alters behavior and implant belief statements into the subconscious.


The reprogram process is not that complicated and hard to do. It takes time to modify personal attributes and alter your subconscious to accomplish your goal. All you have to do is willing to participate and take action on any of the step above.

If you would like to have more guidance and faster result, we recommend you reading this resourceful article on how to use subconscious mind to grow rich here:

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